Asset Risk Protection

Safeguarding What You Own

Asset Risk Protection

Safeguarding What You Own

Asset Risk Protection Services we offer for our clients

High Value Residence, Vehicle Protection,
& High Limit Liability Protection

High Value Residence Protection

Potentially one of your greatest investments; your home is where protection lives and peace of mind resides. Private Client Insurance Advisors works directly with insurers to proactively manage risk and mitigate loses associated with High Value home ownership.

High Value Home Insurance and asset protection can be complex and conventional approaches are not feasible. By selectively working with trusted insurers, not only will your residence be protected but the high value contents will be safeguarded as well… providing true peace of mind.

High Value Vehicle Protection

“Work Hard Play Hard”… you worked hard for it, you sacrificed and now YOU’RE A MOVING TARGET!!!

Can the average driver afford to repair or replace your dream machine? Does your insurance provide coverage limits that shield you from excess legal and financial liability?

PCIA partners with carriers that specialize in covering high value vehicles, exotic and collector cars.

*Don’t have that exotic masterpiece of craftsmanship yet? No problem; we can obtain coverage for your daily drivers as well.

High Limit Liability Protection

Every time you put your car in drive you essentially place every asset you own in your trunk; one accident and everything you possess could be at risk. Every time a visitor walks into your home, everything you have worked years to amass can be erased with one incident.

Perhaps a greater risk to your personal wealth than the possibility of a bank or brokerage failure is a costly lawsuit, safeguarding your assets is a vital part of optimal wealth management.

The Excess Personal Liability Umbrella is one of the most critical policies that should be in your Private Risk and Insurance Management Plan. We make sure you and your family have sufficient limits of umbrella insurance covering and protecting your home(s), vehicles, valuables and possessions, providing liability coverage, as well as protection for different risks or types of injury potentially incurring while at work, home or traveling the world.



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