Income Protection

Protecting What You Earn

Income Replacement

Protecting What You Earn

Why Income Replacement Protection?

The answer is actually several questions… Would you provide 15-20% of protection on your
car? Would you provide 25% of replacement coverage on your home? Why are you providing
such a fractional amount on the very pillar of your financial future?

Without the ability to earn ENOUGH and continue to provide, your entire Lifestyle and Future Legacy will dissipate… it will cease to exist! A minor injury for most can become a career ending disability for our clients.

Group Disability Insurance typically provides 15-20% of income replacement for highly compensated individuals and often is limited to 2-3 years of coverage. High Limit Disability Insurance often provides up to 60-70%. Do you have enough coverage? Is it “own or any occupation” protection? Do you even know?

At Private Client Insurance Advisors we partner with industry leaders which specialize in underwriting high income professionals, providing limits of coverage that will remove the threat of a major change of lifestyle should you no longer be able to perform.

The peace of mind in knowing that your family can maintain your standard of living, rather than trying to figure out how you are going to make ends meet is PRICELESS. Since so much of your time is devoted to producing the income that provides for your essentials and lifestyle, doesn’t it make sense to protect it?

Do you currently have a Salary Continuation Plan? Is your Salary Continuation Plan current and up to date? If your answer to both is not a definitive “YES” let’s begin the discussion today… don’t delay.

Business Owners; when was the last time that you reviewed your plan for the business to be sure it still has the right policy and benefit for your current situation? Is your BOE coverage (if you have it) enough to allow the business to viably continue until you can return if you’re unable to work? How will the company fund a buyout if you can’t return? Is your “second most valuable business asset,” your Key Person protected adequately? If you cannot answer these questions without hesitation; wouldn’t it make sense to discuss things with an advisor that represents not only your existing insurance company but several others as well to receive the most unbiased opinion possible? We’re ready when you are; let’s schedule a call!



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